Types of body fat

1. Essential body fat: This is the most important fat our body needs to insulate and protect body organs. This layer of fat surrounds organs like brain, heart, liver, kidney.  Females requires atleast 10 – 12% and males requires atleast 2 – 3% of body composition.

2. Visceral fat:  It is the fat that surrounds internal organs especially mid section of body. Those who have more visceral fat they are INSULINE Resistance means they cannot eat much carbohydrates as the result may end up disturbing to organs functioning as time passes.
Although this type of fat is metabolically active. If you do have proper lifestyle and do some sort of exercise regularly then you can burn fat, it’s the fat that goes first. .

3. Subcutaneous fat:  This is the type of fat that so many wants to get rid off . This is the kind of fat that comes first and goes last. This fat makes your body looks saggy and you can see, touch, squeeze and pinch this on your arms, belly, thighs  and hips. This fat present below the skin.

In MALES the midsection is the primary area and in FEMALES the hips, thighs, lower back is the primary areas.  This fat is metabolically less Active thats why it takes more time.

4. Stubborn body fat:  This is the kind of fat even when you are on 15% of body fat then also its really difficult to remove .

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